The Most Effective Pass in the Game

By Matthew Carroll –

The purpose of the Raptor Bomb drill is to recreate the most effective key pass in the game, the pass directed from the edge of the box and backwards into the 18 with high repetition and pace.

Set up a gate angled to cut over the corner of the 18, players should start 20ft beyond the 18 with a cone in the middle for one line, and a cone 20 ft away and lined up with the outside of the gate

Passing line plays it through the gate so that runner is forced to run outside of the gate and receive ball coming towards goal.

They then cross the ball to the runner who should be behind them. The runner then must one time the ball. After contact is made for the shot the next player passes the ball and the cycle begins again with pace. After a set amount of time players should have scored a set number of goals as directed by the coach.

Multiple runners can be used from both sides alternating . Goals and conditions may vary based on ability of players.

By Matthew Carroll

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Paul Tyler says March 5, 2021

Love the drills as CCC Im introducing to club coaches

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