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Discover how to develop the mindset and muscle memory of your attacking midfielders that will improve their passing and shooting so they can terrorize opposition defenses and score more goals 

Get into the box! That will be the cry from the stands as your team makes yet another incisive passing move after practicing the drills in this video series. Progressive Shooting Drills features a coaching seminar on how to improve your team’s ability to get the ball into the box so they can create goal scoring chances in abundance and win more games.


Dear Coach,

Are your forwards lost for ideas on how to get the ball into the penalty area? Do they keep making the wrong decisions and lose the ball, enabling the opposition to advance and score? Now you can discover how to develop the decision making, reactions and finishing that can turn even the most bewildered front line into a cutting edge attacking unit.

Progressive Shooting Drills is a video series on getting the ball into the box presented by West Ham’s Assistant Academy Director Paul Heffer. He leads an entire coaching session on how to train your players in quick transitions and developing the mindset they need to play the ball into the right positions so can create goal scoring chances more frequently.


After practicing the drills in this video series, you will be able to build a team that can keep its composure and makes the right decisions. The result is that on game day they have more confidence around the goal mouth and can push the score line in your favor.

“To be effective attackers, players need to be trained to use their brains and bodies together. This video series shows you how”

Smooth, defense slicing passing moves can look as though they are the product of creative flair and some sort of telepathy between players. But the reality is that smooth passing moves are the product of hours spent on the training pitch. It requires players to develop the muscle memory and familiarity with a system so it becomes a natural part of how they play. This video series gives you that system and a progressive series of drills for teaching it.

Progressive Shooting Drills is packed with valuable insights on improving the performance of your players in the final third. This includes why they should be encouraged to learn from their mistakes, how to make better decisions and how to develop the familiarity they need to get in scoring positions more frequently.


Led by an EPL Assistant Academy Director, this video series features drills you’d expect to see being used on practice pitches of the elite sides. Through harnessing them for your own team, you will be able to develop all the key skills your players need to become better at passing, shooting and finishing so you can slice through opposition defenses and score more goals.

“Discover how to develop the skills of your players with insights from the Assistant Academy Director of an EPL Club”

hefferPaul Heffer has a long history with West Ham United, first joining as a junior player. In 1967 he made his professional debut against Nottingham Forest. Unfortunately, injury brought a premature end to his playing career after just fifteen appearances for the Hammers. However, Heffer’s passion for the game wasn’t diminished and he immediately threw himself into coaching. Over the course of the next four decades Heffer progressed to coach at various levels at the club and was eventually appointed Assistant Academy Director. Heffer is now responsible for overseeing the developing of West Ham’s youth players into elite professionals, trained and drilled to play in one of the most competitive and demanding leagues in the world.


What’s covered in Progressive Shooting Drills

Progressive Shooting Drills features a complete coaching session on how to develop your team’s ability to make incisive passing moves into the box and score more goals. Presented by an Assistant Academy Director of an English Premier League side, this video series demonstrates how to improve your players’ decision making and ability to play under pressure.

Heffer begins the session with a simple warmup with quick transitions. The drill is setup with a single player attacking the goal. This then switches to a 1v1 situation and then a 2v2 before the drill restarts. Some of the many skills the drill helps to improve include decision making, reactions and composure when on the ball.

Throughout the session, Heffer highlights the key principles of attacking effectively. This includes the importance of giving players the freedom to play with creativity while also giving them a set system of play which they can become more familiar with, and consequently more effective at playing. Another core element of the session is coaching players the ability to react quickly after making a mistake to support the team.

HefferActionPaul Heffer with West Ham United Academy Director, Tony Carr

Heffer then increases the intensity to a 3v2 situation. Players have more decisions to make on whether to attack as a central unit or to disperse to create more space on the wings. What’s more, players on the ball have to decide whether to play through the middle, to pass to either team mate or shoot. Heffer discusses how younger players can be encouraged to play as wide as possible, while more experienced players can play narrow through the middle.

The drill now shifts to focus on decision making just outside the area. Players have to pass, layoff the ball and then run into the box to shoot and score. The intensity is increased again with incomplete passing moves triggering a penalty of press ups for the rest of the team. This progression is used to highlight how much pressure can affect decision making and cause mistakes. Heffer then ends the session by providing an overview on the importance of getting the brain and body working together, which is something the session helps to achieve.

What you will gain from Progressive Shooting Drills

Being able to beat defenders with quick, accurate passes and shooting accurately are core skills  players will need to be successful goal scorers. As Heffer mentions in the video, you win games through scoring goals and that is what the Progressive Shooting Drills video series is focused on.

From watching Progressive Shooting Drills you will gain:

  • A complete training session on developing all the key skills your players need to penetrate the opposition’s box and score
  • Your players will gain better decision making through having multiple options on where to play the ball
  • The quick transitions of the drills will train players to learn from their mistakes and to recover quickly to support the team
  • Through 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios your players will learn how to play with pressure
  • Your players’ passing accuracy, off the ball awareness and positioning will improve
  • With every drill ending in a shot on goal, your players’ shooting accuracy will improve with every session
  • Your players will become more proficient at playing with pace and making quick, accurate passes
  • Players will be able to perform with their brains and bodies working more closely together
  • The result of better decision making, improved passing and a deeper understanding of systems of play will be that players are able to get into the opposition’s box more often and score more goals

Developing muscle memory and being able to pass properly are central pillars of the game. This makes the training drills in Progressive Shooting Drills ideal for young players. At the same time, players at every level can benefit from improving their composure and being able to cope with quick transitions around the goalmouth so they can become more effective attackers.

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. Progressive Shooting Drills unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Progressive Shooting Drills after six months of implementing its drills and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.


“The drills in this video series will turn clueless forwards into smooth passing, goal scoring machines”

Building a successful attack revolves around having systems of play your team understands and can use at key moments in the game. The Progressive Shooting Drills video series provides this system and shows you exactly how to teach it to your players over the course of a training session.

Led by West Ham’s Assistant Academy Director, this video series demonstrates how to develop all the key skills your players need to be an effective attacking unit. This includes decision making, composure, reacting quickly to transitions, quick passing and accurate shooting.

Through practicing the session on your training pitch, you will be able to create a well drilled attacking side. They will know where to play the ball to get it into the opposition’s penalty area and then have the composure to smash it into the back of the net, enabling you to win more games in the process.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Progressive Shooting Drills is a video series focused on developing the quick decision making, reactions and technique players need to effectively attack the box and score goals. It features a complete coaching session in which an EPL Assistant Academy Director demonstrates how to train your players on how to attack effectively and terrorize opposition defenses.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Progressive Shooting Drills six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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