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Discover how to use the Three Dimensional building block approach to training so your players develop a deeper understanding of their roles and how to play the way you want

Now this is comprehensive! Three Dimensional Soccer Training is a book born from analyzing how the world’s most popular formations are played and what training systems are needed to play them effectively. Rather than focus on technique or formations independently, this book shows you how to combine elements like building blocks to create complete ‘three dimensional training’

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Dear Coach,

Do you want to make your coaching sessions more specific and focused? Would you like to know how to build sessions together that give your players a deeper understanding of how to combine technique with tactics on game day? Well, Three Dimensional Soccer Training is a book that has all the answers.

Born from its author’s passion for studying how formations are played around the world, Three Dimensional Soccer Training explains how to coach players so they gain an enriched technical and tactical understanding of their position.

Instead of coaching technique, formations and roles individually, Three Dimensional Soccer Training explains step-by-step how to progressively train players in all these areas in each coaching session. It tells you what to teach, when and why. The outcome is that your players will develop a three dimensional understanding of how everything fits together. Rather than simply be able to pass smoothly or know where they need to place the ball, they will know which foot to pass to and why.

Whether you want to play the 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, zonal or man marketing, Three Dimensional Soccer Training gives you a complete model for progressively training players to develop a deeper, more rounded view of how technique and tactics fit in your system.

“Three-Dimensional Soccer Training is not just a collection of drills – though the drills contained are excellent.  It outlines a method of organizing your training to combine technical training, positional play and training systems of play in a way that will immediately help your players understand their roles in four distinct formations.  This book will bring greater purpose to your training, help you gain an advantage over other teams and develop your players for both short and long term success.  The exercises that break down training formations and systems of play in key areas of the field are particular valuable.  I am already planning several training sessions based on the material in this detailed and innovative book.” –  Dave Brown, Director of Coaching, WFC Rangers, Bellingham, WA.  In addition to being a former high school, college and ODP coach, his former players have gone on to play professionally in the MLS and WUSA as well as earning U17, U20 and full US National team honors.  He holds the USSF “B” National Coaching license and the Director of Coaching certificate from the NSCAA.

Three Dimensional Soccer Training addresses the gaps between training technique, tactics and playing styles”

Most coaches have a good understanding of how to drill players on technique or tactics. But many don’t full understand how to train both together so their players get the bigger picture of how everything works in the system you want to play. Often the specifics on certain techniques, such as why we pass to a certain foot, get missed in the rush to train players in tactics.

Three Dimensional Soccer Training seeks to address the gaps in soccer coaching by providing a system of training which structures sessions like building blocks so that players get a deeper understanding of how to play their particular position. Starting simple and then progressing to more complex exercises, the book is packed with five complete coaching sessions (comprising of 11 stages) for the four most popular formations in modern soccer.

Three Dimensional Soccer Training is built upon four key elements:

Progressive – It provides a model for training players from simple to complex drills and exercises. It also explains how to combine sessions like building blocks throughout a season.

Specific – The book explains how to coach players in the ‘big picture’ of why they practice certain techniques and how they fit into the way you want to play. The book is packed with coaching points to ensure you know why you use certain drills, when to use them and the results you can expect to gain.

Positional – How to build roles and an understanding into every coaching session from day one. Over each session, players gradually develop a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

System – How to give your training sessions focus and to make teaching fun and easy to understand, whilst also challenging.

“Expertly written by a leading soccer coach with over a decade’s experience”

Robert Podeyn’s goalkeeping and coaching career spans over twenty-eight years. His playing career started in New York, playing for Kings Park and then Cow Harbor. He then moved onto college soccer, helping LIU-C.W. to advance to the NCAA Division II Quarterfinals in 1987, earning All-Conference and Honorable Mention All-American honors in the process.

The next step in Podeyn’s career was to Long Island Stars, in the now defunct American Soccer League, where he set a professional record of 973 shutout minutes, earning team and league MVP honors in the process.

In 1990 Podeyn then began his coaching career back at Kings Park, coaching the junior and high school squads. Podeyn’s next move was to Florida, coaching both the boys and girls youth teams at Osceola High School and helping them to gain much improved winning records. In 2003 Podeyn coached the Williams Woods university, building them into one of the top offensive teams, with 183 goals in 57 games.

Podeyn’s reputation for rebuilding and re-energizing teams was further cemented at Northwood University, whom he took from the brink of extinction to a record setting season in which they nearly entered the NAIA Top 25. Podeyn now coaches at South Western University Bolivar, Missouri, competing in the toughest women’s conference in the country (MIAA).

Podeyn has earned coaching certifications from the USSF, NSCAA and KNVB, all of which were earned with distinction. A keen student of the game, Podeyn has also traveled aboard to learn from some of the best foreign goalkeeping coaches, this includes completing English FA coaching courses and earning the UEFA coaching certificate. In Brazil he participated in sessions with CBF and CAM professional clubs.

What’s covered in Three Dimensional Soccer Training

In Three Dimensional Soccer Training author Robert Podeyn brings together the training methods and philosophies he has observed being taught by renowned coaches in the US as well as coaches at elite teams in England, Brazil and the Netherlands. This depth of experience provided the crucible from which his three dimensional concept was born, in which every drill and exercise is selected to fit in with the team’s playing philosophy and approach.

Passing drills, for example, aren’t simply to get the ball to the right player but to the correct foot. It’s these types of specifics that separate Three Dimensional Soccer Training from other more general coaching books and programs out there. It links sessions together in a cohesive structure and tells you exactly what to train, when and why.

In Three Dimensional Soccer Training, Podeyn focuses on each formation in turn, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2 and the 4-2-3-1. He discusses the history of each formation, its guiding philosophy, tendencies and what type of training is needed to play each formation effectively. He then provides plans for five complete training sessions for each formation, from start to finish. Each session is packed with coaching points and runs through 11 different stages, from dynamic warm-ups to technical passing to 11v11 scrimmage games. So in total, Three Dimensional Soccer Training is packed with over 200 training exercises. Now that’s comprehensive!

The exercises start simple and then progress in complexity so that players are challenged and pushed to perform at their peak by the end of the session. Whichever formation you play, the focus is always on building tactics, philosophy and physiology in tandem. The result is that, like building blocks, everything slots together to create the system you want to play.

Author Rob Podeyn giving a team talk

What you will gain from Three Dimensional Soccer Training

In Three Dimensional Soccer Training the focus is on building everything together, rather than in isolation. Tactics, technique, physiology and psychology are all developed progressively through the five different training sessions for each formation. This approach gives you players a complete 360 degree, three dimensional understanding of why they are practicing specific techniques and how they fit into the style you want to play.

From Three Dimensional Soccer Training, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the most popular formations in modern soccer: their history, playing style and how to train your team to play them effectively
  • Five different coaching sessions for each formation, comprising of 11 different stages, from dynamic warm-ups through to positional training through to full teams shadow play. This amounts to a total of over 200 training exercises.
  • Comprehensive coaching notes and explanations on every exercise to ensure you gain the maximum ‘three dimensional’ benefits
  • An understanding of how to apply the concept of three dimensional training: how to combine technique, tactics, physiology and psychology into every training session in a progressive manner
  • Exercises start from simple and build to complex, enabling your players to develop a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities, step by step
  • The ultimate result is that you will gain a team that understands the specifics of what to do, why and when in real game situations. This will enable your team to play more smoothly and cooperatively due to the progressive, specific and positional aspects of the three dimensional coaching system

You might think that the challenging and specific nature of Three Dimensional Soccer Training means that it can only be used for senior players. This isn’t the case, with Podeyn providing guidance on how the system can be applied for different age groups, starting from as young as five.


“Three Dimensional Soccer Training is a must have in any soccer coaches’ library.  I love this book as it demonstrates how to incorporate every aspect of the game into each of your training sessions. This book offers coaches several training sessions and ideas that can be used to develop your players technically and tactically. A highlight to this book is that it can be applicable to any coaches preferred style and system of play.

Robert Podeyn shows the importance of developing players technically first and breaks down the technical training into three aspects (preparation, skill, and speed) which will aid in developing their tactical awareness. In addition, this book illustrates this philosophy through the four most popular formations (1-4-4-2, 1-4-3-3, 1-3-5-2, & 1-4-2-3-1), which gives coaches a building block when mastering fundamentals and preparing their sessions.” – Trent Frederick, Girls Club Coach – Orlando City Youth Soccer Club, Boys Soccer Coach – Boone High School Orlando, Fl.

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering Three Dimensional Soccer Training unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the Three Dimensional Soccer Training after six months of implementing its small sided games and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.

“A program that teaches your players how to combine all of the elements of training together to play the style you want”

There are plenty of soccer coaching books packed with drills and exercises. But few show you how to assemble the drills into a progressive series that delivers real improvements. In addition, few guides explain how the exercises fit together to create a cohesive system you can use over the course of the season.

Born from 15 years of observation, study, contemplation and practice, Three Dimensional Soccer Training provides you with the building blocks to create whatever system you want to play. All the most popular formations are covered, and with five complete sessions for each formation you have a season’s worth of training drills at your fingertips.

As well as make your life easier with coaching sessions planned for you, the progressive nature of Three Dimensional Soccer Training will equip your players with a deeper understanding on the specifics of their position. Instead of knowing who to pass to, they will know which foot to pass the ball to. The result is a team that knows how to put all the components of their coaching sessions together in order to perform at a more confident and tactically astute level on match day.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Three Dimensional Soccer Training shows you how to build sessions together in a progressive manner so your players have a more rounded, three dimensional understanding of what to do, when and why. From simple to complex, the book includes five complete training sessions for each formation, comprising of 11 stages each, providing you with a training system you can use throughout the season whichever formation you want to play.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Three Dimensional Soccer Training after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked..

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