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Expand your coaching knowledge and reinvigorate training sessions with the vast range of drills and exercises in the two part Modern Soccer Coaching compendium series 

Wow, what a collection! The Modern Soccer Coaching technical and tactical books covers over 250 pages of drills, articles and sessions used by elite clubs and coaches from around the world. Discover how AC Milan trains individual technique, how Athletico Madrid drills its players in creating space, how Liverpool’s academy players practice playing wide and much, much more.

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Dear Coach,

Are you struggling for inspiration on the training pitch? Would you like to find a way to bring yourself up to date on some of the latest training techniques and methodologies? Modern Soccer Coaching is a two part book series comprising of a treasure trove of drills and exercises used by some of the world’s top teams and elite coaches.

Split into Modern Soccer Coaching Technical and Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical, the books feature an extensive array of drills and exercises that cover all areas of modern coaching. This includes drills and exercises used by Manchester United, Liverpool and AC Milan, along with insights from the game’s most innovative coaches, including Jose Mourinho, Wayne Harrison and Scott Moody.

Now you can discover for yourself how the world’s elite teams train to improve performance in multiple areas. Over 250 pages packed with drills, exercises and insightful articles, this two part compendium series is an opportunity to bring your coaching knowledge up to date and to discover the latest techniques for improving technical and tactical performance.

“This two book combo, “Modern Soccer Coaching – Technical” and “Modern Soccer Coaching – Tactical” are a perfect complimentary set of for my training needs.   These two books give me what I need without hunting through a dozen other books.  These are now required reading for my High School coaching staff and will be strongly recommended to be in the hands of all of our club coaches, from U9 to U18.

I found myself bookmarking pages for topics to cover with my own team or coaches that I instruct.    My High School team will be tested on Anson Dorrance’s Technical Skills Test, benefit from the PSV Eindhoven’s Shooting and Finishing, and several other topics.  Our club teams are relieved to find sensible instruction on Tournament Nutrition, the Seven Creative Goalscorer Drills, Speed Training for Younger Players, and so much more.    These books are a bible on team and individual improvement that you’ll refer to every week.” – Michael Harrington, Head Coach, North Scott High School and DOC North Scott Soccer Club

“Packed with drills and exercises you can drop into training and replicate those used by some of the world’s elite teams”

The Modern Soccer Coaching two book series provides insights on the techniques, tactics and systems of play used by the world’s top teams and academies. The drills have been handpicked to provide a broad range of exercises, rather than focusing on a specific skill. This means you gain a wide spectrum of drills you can use to invigorate training sessions and to improve your team’s performance in multiple areas.

The wide array of topics covered include creating space, beating the offside trap, target play, exercises to improve players’ focus and speed of play. Every drill is clearly explained with detailed diagrams and clear explanations so you can drop them into training sessions on the fly.

Packed with real drills used at the world’s biggest clubs and academies and handpicked to cover a broad range of disciplines, the Modern Soccer Coaching two book series is perfect for any coach wishing to expand their knowledge.

“This book is a must read for soccer coaches of all levels.  It includes an incredible amount of training session material, and what I like the best is that it is all organized in an easy-to-follow manner.  The part that excited me the most was the valuable nutritional information and testing material to gauge results.  I’m also a fan of the sessions from the many European teams as well as Brazilian teams.  I highly recommend these books to all coaches.” – Eric Simpson, Mexican Soccer Federation Center of Development Coach.


What’s covered in Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2

Modern Soccer Coaching Technical focuses on individual skill and technique, while Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical covers the strategic aspects of the game. When combined, the two books provide you with a complete training resource, with a wealth of drills, exercises and articles that cover all areas of coaching the modern game.

Modern Soccer Coaching Technical

Modern Soccer Coaching Technical has 132 pages packed with drills, exercises and articles. This includes seven creative scoring drills, Anson Dorrance’s technical skills tests, shooting drills by ex England manager Steve McClaren, drills used by Liverpool to coach wide players and a special article by Scott Moody on the nutritional needs of players. All of the exercises have been handpicked to provide valuable insights and training exercises you can use to make training sessions more challenging and to improve the technical ability of your players.

Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical

This book features drills and exercises used by elite teams including Manchester United, Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. As with the previous book, all the drills and exercises have been carefully selected to provide the best insights on improving your team’s tactical play.

Comprising of 46 different drills and articles spread over 116 pages, the topics covered in Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical include West Ham’s philosophy on the art and science of success, an analysis of AC Milan and Chelsea’s pre-game warm-up, how Celtic coaches overlapping runs, AC Milan’s drills for individual technique and tactics and Brazilian tactical training games.

What you will gain from Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2

Both books provide a wealth of drills, exercises and training guides you can use to improve your training sessions in a wide array of areas. This includes creating space, beating the offside trap, target play, receive pass and move, defensive heading and improving your team’s speed of play.

From the Modern Soccer Coaching series you will gain:

  • Over 250 pages of drills, exercises and insightful articles for improving the performance of your team
  • A broad range of drills that cover technical, tactical, fitness and much more
  • An enriched coaching knowledge gained from the articles submitted by some of the world’s most innovative coaches, including Jose Mourinho, Wayne Harrison, Steve McClaren and Scott Moody from the Center for Athletic Performance.
  • A wealth of new drills you can drop into training sessions to make them more invigorating for players
  • Your players will love the challenge of practicing drills and exercises used by the world’s elite clubs, such as Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid and AC Milan.


The drills and exercises included in Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2 cover those used by elite teams as well as youth academies. In addition, they also cover topics such as sports nutrition, team fitness and soccer conditioning. So whether you coach youths, recreational teams or players at the highest level, there are lots of valuable insights you can gain from Modern Soccer Coaching that will enrich your coaching knowledge and improve your training sessions.

“I am really glad I bought the ‘combo’ version of Modern Soccer Coaching with both Tactical and Technical approaches.  All the session diagrams were clear, well explained and easy to understand whatever your level of coaching.  There are that many sessions to choose from various professional levels that I was spoilt for choice.  I found myself combining different sessions from the many teams within the books that allowed me to progress sessions with the various levels I work with.

When working within the professional environment it gave me lots of new ideas to think outside the box and when working with my grassroots players I showed them the session in the book was for example used by Real Madrid or Liverpool FC and the players imagined themselves as Ronaldo etc and the concentration, focus and fun from the session from the players was excellent, now they ask for it all the time. I highly recommend buying the combo version as they go hand in hand for any enthusiastic coach looking to develop themselves or their sessions.” – Rob Gateley UEFA B, FA Youth Modules Coach with many years experience working within both the professional and grassroots environment.

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world.  We wouldn’t be offering Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2 unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2 after six months of implementing its drills and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.

“Discover a treasure trove of real drills to raise both technical and tactical performance”

Soccer is a fast evolving game. There are constantly new trends emerging on the best ways to train players and prepare them for match day. The Modern Soccer Coaching compendium series is packed with many of the latest approaches to coaching, with over 250 pages of drills and exercises used by many of the world’s elite teams, such as Liverpool, Celtic, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Modern Soccer Coaching covers a wide array of topics, including creating space, creative goal scoring drills, training mental agility and elite pregame warm-ups. This enables you to gain valuable insights from coaches like Anson Dorrance, Les Reed and Scott Moody on the best way to train players and to improve performance.

So if you are looking to expand your coaching knowledge in multiple areas and toget up-to-date on the latest drills and exercises, the Modern Soccer Coaching compendium is the perfect addition to your coaching library.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Modern Soccer Coaching is a two book compendium series that features the best drills, exercises and articles from some of the world’s top teams and coaches. One book is focused on technical play and the other on tactics, with both featuring a broad range of valuable drills and insights you can use to improve the performance of your team and enrich your coaching knowledge.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in the Modern Soccer Coaching compendium after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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