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Train to Win with the Revolutionary ‘Game Model’ Concept Taking the Elite Coaching World by Storm

Now released! A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization is a unique guide on how to use the revolutionary concept of Game Models to create an entire season’s training that’s optimized for your team’s abilities, playing style and formation. Tactical Periodization is a secret weapon used by many of today’s elite coaches, and now you too can benefit thanks to the insights in this comprehensive guide

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Dear Coach,

Success on game day is directly linked to your success in training. Success in training comes from having a methodological approach that ties all your training sessions together. That way you can gain incremental improvements and players with a deeper understanding of how they’re expected to perform. This is known as the Game Model concept.

Game Models are now harnessed by top coaches all over the world to develop playing styles, rather than formations, and to build success through incremental steps. A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization provides a comprehensive yet clear guide on how the Game Model concept works. More importantly, it explains how to use it to create a season long training schedule for your team.


Instead of switching from one isolated drill to another and forcing players to the point of exhaustion, A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization explains how the key to success is implementing a strategic training plan that gives players a deeper understanding of what’s expected of them and raises their performance as a result.

“I’d never heard of ‘tactical periodization’ or ‘game models’ before reading this guide. Now I don’t know how I coached without them”

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization explains how to devise and coach players using a Game Model. This is an approach that combines tried and tested methods and training types together in a methodical way. This includes periods of training with intensity, rest, theory, small group sessions, large group sessions and more.

A ‘Game Model’ is created at the start of the season and takes into consideration player propensities, team culture, formation and system of play to provide a tactical approach to training. The Game Models was first developed by Professor Vitor Frade of the University of Porto, Portugal, and has since been embraced by coaches at all levels, notably among many elite coaches.

Creating a Game Model is also known as ‘tactical periodization’. Its ‘tactical’ because of the strategic approach to connecting sessions together across the season. The ‘periodization’ comes from the fact that improvements are designed to be incremental so that your chosen playing style is embedded into players in a deeper way than traditional isolated training.


“Written by two coaches with international experience training tactical soccer”


A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization has been created by two coaches – Dan Minutillo and Rich Rafloski.

Dan Minutillo has been coaching men’s and women’s soccer teams for about 20 consecutive years. Minutillo has earned an NSCAA National Diploma. He has coached with members of the US Men’s National Team and with professional players and National Team members from a number of other countries. Minutillo is currently the varsity men’s head soccer coach at Leland High School in San Jose, California.

Dan has been published numerous times about soccer training, including the use of plyometrics to develop explosive power and strength for soccer players, increasing speed of play on the women’s side, creating a soccer-oriented home environment, motivating youth soccer players to get them to the point of self motivation, developing consistent play for soccer teams, among other topics. He has never had a losing season in 20 consecutive years of soccer coaching.

Other books by Dan Minutillo and Rich Rafloski – Progressive Soccer Training in Grids and Formation Based Soccer Training.

Rich Rafloski, creator of the diagrams for this book, has coached soccer for over 20 years.  Rich has coached men and women of numerous ages.  In addition to coaching with Dan over the years, Rich was one of the key coaches for the AVYSL Project 40 program and he is the head goalkeeper coach for Real San Jose, a semi professional men’s soccer team in the NPSL.

Rich holds an NSCAA National Diploma and various California coaching licenses.

What’s covered in A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization could be the most comprehensive guide there is on this revolutionary training concept. It provides a detailed explanation on what the concept is and how to create a season long Game Model to implement it. You also get plenty of drills and exercises to help imprint the game model for different stages of the game. This includes small games, conditioning exercises, third man runs and more.

Chapter 1 – What is tactical periodization and how to use it for whatever formation you play.

Chapter 2 – Offensive phase – developing attacks from the back, third man runs, combination plays, penetration and creating a game model that provides offensive and defensive balance.

Chapter 3 – Transitional phase of game models from attack to defense – visual cues that help players stay in position, first defense recovery runs, pressure, double up and more.

Chapter 4 – Defensive phase of the game model – First defenders, quick slow sideways low, six second rule, vertical and horizontal pressing and when to drop back.

Chapter 5 – Transitional phase from defense to offense – How to create and use space, buddy system and speed of attack.

Chapter 6 – Training guidance considerations for tactical periodization – Team culture, using a team playbook, use of video and teaching players movement.

Chapter 7 – Highlights of the concept of tactical periodization.

MinutilloActionAuthor Dan Minutillo giving a team talk

What you will gain from A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization provides you with everything you need to structure an entire season’s training in a methodical and tactical way. The result is that players gain the full spectrum of training they need to gain a deeper understanding of the game model and how it use it to raise performance.

From A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the concept of Game Models and how to create one for your team
  • A tactical approach to devising a season long training schedule based on your team’s playing tendencies, abilities and style of play
  • How to connect sessions on intensity, theory, rest and more in an incremental way
  • Creating a game model in coherent stages will give your players a deeper understanding of how to play as individuals and as a team to support the system
  • Exercises for embedding tactical plays, including recovery runs, how to create and use space in transition, attaining defense and offense balance, combination plays for penetration and more
  • Detailed explanations on how to train players for different phases in your game model
  • Guidance on what to consider for tactical periodization training, including your team culture, getting the most from video and playbooks and teaching player movement
  • Greater success in training that will naturally translate into greater success on game day

The Game Model concept can be complicated to understand. So A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization breaks it down into a more basic level so that it’s easier to understand and usable. Whatever level you coach at, A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization puts the Game Model concept within your grasp.

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There was so much quality material that we couldn’t fit it all into the book.  We had about 50 pages of training sessions that we couldn’t find room for.  So we have put that into an eBook, A Practical Guide to Tactical Periodization, that we will give you absolutely free with your order of A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization.


100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 60,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization after six months of implementing its small sided games and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.



“A blueprint for structuring an entire season’s training in a more methodical, tactical way”

While their choice of formations and playing styles may vary, one things all elite coaches have in common is meticulous planning. Their tactical preparation to win games begins on the training pitch long before the whistle has blown.

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization enables you to bring meticulous planning to your training and to adopt elite level preparation to your season’s training. It explains how to define what your training sessions need to cover, to suit your team’s abilities and formation, and how to implement them in a cohesive manner.

Players perform at their peak when they understand what’s expected of them as individuals and as part of a team. A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization shows you how to gain higher performing players by joining the Game Model revolution and to take a smarter, more optimized approach to training.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S.  A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization is a comprehensive yet clear guide on the revolutionary new concept of Game Models. It enables you to take a more tactical approach to training to create a season long schedule that gives players the full spectrum of training and a deeper understanding of what’s expected of them on game day.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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