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Progressively train your team to harness the slinky skills of legendary players so they can dribble with confidence and win more 1v1 situations 

Wow! Every player is going to love these flair focused drills! Training Legendary 1v1 Moves is a special 10-part video series that shows you how to run a progressive training session focused on developing the deceptive dribbling tricks of some of the game’s most gifted players. Discover how to train your players to play with the flair and creativity of Maradona, Cruyff and Ronaldo and win more 1v1 situations all over the pitch.


Dear Coach,

The dribbling skills and tricks of legendary players like Zidane, Ronaldinho and Pele are always spectacular to watch. But more importantly, it’s these abilities that give them the edge in winning more 1v1 situations so they could get past defenders and through on goal. Being able to dribble with pace and control is a vital part of the game, and training your team to play with flair will also give them more confidence and improve their technique. Now you can discover how to develop deceptive dribbling skills like the world’s most revered players in this special video series.

Training Legendary 1v1 Moves is a follow-up to one of our most popular video series’ – Legendary 1v1 Moves. The new video series builds on the exercises taught in its predecessor by providing a complete series of progressive drills for improving them gradually over the course of the session. Players begin at an easy level before the drills gradually build in competitiveness and intensity, improving the confidence of your players to dribble past opponents.  Get instant access when you place your order and you can be watching these videos within minutes.


Whether you train junior players or professional sides, Training Legendary 1v1 Moves is packed with drills that can help teams to harness moves like the Fake Shot, Puskas, Spin Cruyff and Maradona Turn. What’s more, it will train your team to play with more flair and creativity so they can win more 1v1 situations and create more goal scoring opportunities.

Coan“The “Legendary 1v1 Moves” teaching videos are the best tools you will ever use to teach 1v1 dribbling skills to your players! Every Saturday morning I use Andy Barney’s detailed descriptions to teach beginning players these fun moves and to improve the ability of advanced players to execute the moves in competition. The look of accomplishment on a young player’s face as they master the move is just slightly more satisfying than the look of success on the face of an accomplished player as they burn another player with the move at full speed in competition!

The detailed information provided in each video is ideal for coaches. The coaching points can be used as you need them when training your players. Each player may need to hear something different to reach mastery and you can select just the right coaching point from the videos to have maximum impact.

Right now I am working with about 60 players from 8 to 14 and I use this every Saturday with all ages. It has made an incredible difference in the confidence and fun experienced by every child! I then spend a large part of our technical training time with my college team reinforcing these exact same skills! I heartily recommend it to coaches of all levels who wish to quickly and significantly improve their player’s 1v1 dribbling skills” – Chuck Coan – Neenah Soccer Club Skills Trainer, Neenah WI and Michigan Tech University Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, Houghton MI

The perfect accompaniment to Legendary 1v1 Moves for developing each dribbling skill to the next level

The previous video coaching program in this series, Legendary 1v1 Moves, featured videos of 15 different dribbling tricks and coaching points on how to perform them, such as the Tap N Play, Stop Hop and Roll and the Fake Shot. This follow-up video series focuses on how to train all these moves in a progressive manner.

Starting from basic and unopposed exercises right through to a competitive game situation, Training Legendary 1v1 Moves shows you how to apply greater pressure and complexity to training your players to improve their deceptive dribbling skills.

Another benefit of these drills is that defenders are also involved. So rather than players practicing special moves in isolation, the whole team can practice and improve their skills at the same time. The result is that the whole team emerges with more confidence, ball control and a competitive edge the next time they have to get past defenders or block an attacker with tricky feet.


“A special video series put together by a coach 13 National Indoor Championships”

barneyAndy Barney was born in Oxford, England. He was brought up in a soccer family with two generations of professional play. Andy was a registered semi-professionalplayer with Oxford at age 16. From ages 16-23 Andy worked full-time in business while playing for various English clubs. At age 23 Andy left the business world to study Physical Education. From 1981-1984 he was an ever present first XI player with the British Collegiate team. He graduated with honors in Physical education at age 26.

Before moving to America he coached British youth soccer teams for ten years and lectured in Physical Education. After emigrating to the U.S. he founded British Soccer Camps,  now the world’s largest soccer camp organization. From age 27 to 32 he served as Director of Coaching for the Kansas Soccer Association, Mid-West Girls Regional Director of Coaching and the USSF as a U19 National Staff Coach/Selector. He simultaneously worked as Director of Marketing and Coaching for All American Indoor Sports, a KC based multi-million dollar indoor soccer and sports mall organization. Andy founded and ran the National Indoor Soccer Council before handing the reins to the USISA. He is currently a member of the US Indoor Soccer Association’s Advisory Board.

He coached men’s college soccer at Avila University, is an NSCAA Convention clinician and is currently in his 25th year as Director of Coaching for the Kansas City Legends Soccer Club. Andy holds a United States Soccer Federation “A License” an NSCAA “Advanced National Diploma” and 14 coaching qualifications in 8 other sports. Andy’s Legends club teams have won 13 National Indoor Championships & 3 USYSA Regional Championships. In 2002 a team with ten of Andy’s former U18 players, beat Southern California 9-1 in the final four en route to winning the U20 National Outdoor Championship.

Andy is the owner of Soccer Excellence Inc., the K.C. Legends Soccer Club, National Indoor Soccer Championship, SuperClubs North America, the SuperClubs National Team Tours and the National HappyFeet Preschool & Legends Soccer Club franchise system ranked #2 of all youth sports franchises in North America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Andy is the author of “Training Soccer Legends” a 320 page book with a unique deceptive dribbling and goal scoring individual perspective on youth coaching. He has produced two best selling DVD’s, “Legendary 1 v 1 Moves” & “Training Legendary 1 v 1 Moves”. He is currently writing his second book “Legends for Life”. Andy has a vision and mission to develop all children into brave, creative leaders for life through soccer where competitive spirit is underpinned by friendship with and respect for one’s opponent.


What’s covered in Training Legendary 1v1 Moves

This video series focuses on showing you how to train all the drills outlined in the previous video series, Legendary Moves, in a progressive manner. This makes it an excellent accompaniment when both are used together; however, Training Legendary 1v1 Moves can also be used on its own if your players already know how to perform the Maradona Scissors, Spin Cruyff, Stop Hop and Roll and other ball tricks.

The first video begins with a dynamic warm-up, with players scoring points for performing moves correctly and getting into space. The complexity is then increased with the coach calling out the moves to be performed to improve reaction speeds and decision making.

The drills are then progressed to feature dribbling around the grid and performing technically correct moves. Time limits are imposed, with players asked to perform as many moves as they can in 30-90 seconds in tight spaces. This helps to develop their technical skills under pressure and when they are feeling fatigued late in the game.


Andy Barney with one of his National Championship teams

Multiple grids are then created in front of the goal mouth, with players scoring points for completing moves within each grid before scoring. Gates are now introduced, to encourage quick turns and playing with speed, as well as ball control. To increase the challenge, defenders are added to the drill and players are encouraged to attack them directly to put into practice their 1v1 skills.

The options defenders have for tackling the attacking player can be adjusted to suit intensity and skill level. This can include forcing defenders to hop, sit on all fours like a crab or only to use their hands to tackle. As you can imagine, this makes the session a lot of fun!

The finale of Training Legendary 1v1 Moves features a round robin ‘Dog Eat Dog’ mini game, with goals positioned 20-30 feet apart and players compete against each other at speed in order to build their confidence on the ball.

What you will gain from Training Legendary 1v1 Moves

Being able to get past defenders and win 1v1 situations is a major part of winning games. No matter how good your team’s passing, there will always be situations when they will have to find a way past opposition players with the ball still at their feet. Consequently, it’s vital that your players are trained to be able to pull off special moves and tricks to outwit the opposition and to get through on goal.

From Training Legendary 1v1 Moves, you will gain:

  • A complete progressive training session comprising of 9 sessions, from a dynamic warm-up right through to a mini game
  • The session gradually increases the pressure and intensity, enabling your players to gain in confidence as the session progresses
  • Your players will love being able to practice the special moves of their soccer idols
  • These drills and exercises will improve your players’ ability to perform the Puskas, Tap N Play, Stop Hop and Roll, Spin Cruyff and other legendary moves
  • Your players will improve their deceptive dribbling skills, tactical speed and decision making
  • The improved technical ability and confidence of your players will enable them to win more 1v1 situations, to create more scoring opportunities and to tip the score line in your favor

Whilst Training Legendary 1v1 Moves features junior players, the drills and exercises can be used for improving the deceptive dribbling skills and ball control of players at all levels. All players need the dribbling skills to be able to win 1v1 situations, no matter how good your team is at passing. The drills in Training Legendary 1v1 Moves shows you how to develop them.

Puppione“We all want to have players with dribbling creativity and ball control mastery like current players Messi and Ronaldo and past players such as Maradona, Matthews, and Cruyff.  Legendary 1v1 Moves gives me videos I can use to educate our youth players on the proper technique and phases involved in performing moves such as the fake shot/pass, stepover, scissors, Matthews, and more.  These videos break down the technique from various angles and approaches, allowing my younger players to see all the ranges of motion involved in performing these moves.  Along with breaking down the technique in to stages to remember, the video also explains how these moves can be applied in a match.  As a youth coach, these videos are helpful in creating more skillful dribblers while building confidence to become future ‘ Lionel Messis” – Bobby Puppione, Director of Coaching, Cincinnati United Soccer Club/CUP Crew Juniors


Yeung“These videos offer me a great resource to build upon my players’ foundation of 1v1 skills. I find that the explanations make great pointers for those who are new to the move whilst the progressions challenge those who have already reached a higher level. I also liked the clear presentations that often detail parts that are easy to overlook yet are crucial its success. Furthermore the 15 moves allow me to coach my players to attack in a wide variety of different ways. I would fully recommend these videos to any youth team coach who wants to upgrade their players’ offensive skills.” – Derek Yeung, Youth Academy Coach at Soccer Experience, Penang (Malaysia)

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. Training Legendary 1v1 Moves unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Training Legendary 1v1 Moves after six months of implementing its drills and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.


“Create a team that can dribble with confidence, get past defenders with the ball at their feet and create goal scoring opportunities with flair and creativity”

All players would love to be able to recreate the silky ball skills and deceptive dribbling techniques of the soccer heroes. They yearn to be able to replicate the runs of players like Ronaldo, Messi and Maradona into the box, slipping past defenders with ease before smashing the ball into the net. Now you can discover how to train your players to develop these skills in the Training Legendary 1v1 Moves video series.

It shows you exactly how to run a progressive session focused on developing deceptive dribbling. Over the course of the session, they will grow in confidence as their ball control and dribbling skill improve, resulting in your team winning more 1v1 situations on game day.

So instead of watching highlight reels of Cruyff, Zidane and Ronaldinho, discover how you can create players like these in your own team. Give your players the training they need to perform the Puskas, Pull Back and Play and Maradona Scissors with confidence through harnessing the progressive training session showcased in Training Legendary 1v1 Moves.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Training Legendary 1v1 Moves is a follow up to the highly popular Legendary 1v1 Moves video series. It shows you how to run a progressive training session focused on improving dribbling and getting past defenders. The drills featured will improve your players’ ball control, deceptive dribbling and confidence. The result is they will be able to win more 1v1 situations, to create more goal scoring opportunities and tip the score line in your favor.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Training Legendary 1v1 Moves within six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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