Diagonal Transition Game

By Matthew Carroll –

The Purpose of the Diagonal Transition Game is to develop, in a game like setting, player’s recognition of opportunities to play long diagonal balls on the counter to open up space on the opposite field for 1v1 situations of a striker against a outside back.

Play on either full sided pitch or on condensed one with equal number of players facing off on even numbers on one side of the pitch. Two players on the defending team are placed in 15×15 grids that are “no fly zones'” for the opposition. Two players of the attacking team are placed on the opposite end as counter breakers

The Attacking team goes towards goal attempting to score. If they score they maintain possession via a goalie throw to the halfway line. If the defending team wins the ball they are encouraged to play diagonal to one of the players in the “no fly grids” to spark counter attacks.

If unsuccessful the attacking team starts over again with a kick or a throw. If successful (ball lands in grid and grid player controls it) the two grid players then can enter the opposing territory, as well as two from the previous attacking team and two from the defending team creating a 4v4 on the opposite side.

Number of players, size of grids, and size of the field can all change.

By Matthew Carroll

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