The Jermaine Jones Drill

By Matthew Carroll –

The Jermaine Jones Drill recreates the spectacular goal Jermaine Jones had in the 2014 World Cup for the US. It combines tight combination play in the box with realistic shooting opportunities from the top of the 18.

Two lines are set up on the top of the 18, starting just wide of each 6 yard box (3 ft off). Balls are placed on one side of the line (whichever line is not shooting the ball)

The passing line lays off a ball to the shooting line who runs onto the ball and shoots, either first touch or with a short touch towards net. The players then jog to the back of the opposite line they came from and the next group repeats the process.

Both lines can have balls and shooting side alternates
Passes can be played back and forth until a visual cue specifies that that particular pass will lead to a shot.

By Matthew Carroll

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Sebe says May 4, 2020

it was a good lesson to start

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