Side By Side Game

By Matthew Carroll

The purpose this game is to create full field awareness. While players must focus on the task of breaking the defensive line and scoring, they also must be aware of the game occurring simultaneously on the other side of the pitch. The game also challenges the goalkeepers to do double duty in addressing their defense, forcing them to either coordinate the defense of two attacks, or the defense of one attack and one counter attack.

Numbers will vary based on team and space provided, but the basic game should consist of two 4v4s plus one goalkeeper. The field should be split in two through the endline, with a goal centered in between each half. The length of each of the pitches should be from endline to 15m out from the 18. Two balls are set up at opposite end of the goals.

The red team on field 1 plays a 4v4 against the yellow defenders on field 1 with the objective of scoring, the same happens on field 2 with the yellows attacking the red goal.

If the defenders are able to win the ball back they can then play to their attacking players on the opposite field. If a goal is scored the goalkeeper then plays to the opposite field.

An attacking team can also gain possession of both balls on an attack, while the team on the opposite field attempts to position themselves to receive/defend on or both of the balls.

Any play that goes out of bounds is a free kick from the line, in addition, corners are allowed. The winner is the team with the most goals after the assigned time. The defending and attacking side of each team then switch and the game is restarted.

The numbers and size of the pitch can be varied dependent on age and ability of players.

Winning stipulations can be adjusted to number of goals scored.

The fields can be adjusted to be back to back instead of side to side.

By Matthew Carroll

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