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Street Soccer Games

Creating a Natural Learning Environment

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Why playing street soccer type games in your training sessions will help with player development
  • Why legendary coach/player, Johan Cruyff, feels playing street soccer games was a critical part in his development
  • This guide is jam packed with tons of street soccer type games
  • Street soccer type games that will help develop, balance, dribbling, control, shooting, and much more 
  • Why playing street soccer type games will be fun for your players and improve their creativity
  • Street soccer games that are easily adaptable to players of all ages

Playing soccer games in the street automatically forces you to require balance.  If you are not strong you will fall and hit the pavement and get hurt.  So you have to find ways of avoiding defenders, either with quick passes, or improving your dribbling techniques.

Just look at the number of highly skillful players that come from countries where kids still play lots of street soccer, like Brazil for evidence of how important street soccer games are to their development.

Street Soccer Games is jam packed full of street soccer type games that you can include in your own training sessions.  These games will be fun for your players, motivate them and help develop skills like balance, shooting, dribbling, ball control and much more.

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