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Small-Sided Games For Possession

“Teach Your Team to Retain Possession Better With These Small-Sided Games…That Work”

You can’t win games if you don’t have the ball.  You can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball either.  And the reverse is true, if your team has the ball, it stops the opposition from scoring goals.  That’s why the pro’s all realize the importance of maintaining possession.


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Johan Cruyff once said, “We like playing the English, every time we lose possession, they give it right back to us”.  This was obviously in reference to the style of play at the time of what was then called the English First Division.  This style relied more on long passes which involved a higher risk of losing possession.  Over the years, soccer worldwide with the influence of the Dutch and more recently Spain, Barcelona and other teams, has developed more into a possession style of game.  In other words, coaches all over the world are realizing the importance of maintaining possession.

Small-Sided Games for Possession consists of SIX videos that provides you with a series of small-sided games that will teach your team to retain more possession and turn those possessions into scoring opportunities.

Focusing on possession related small-sided games will also improve your players confidence to deal with the ball in tight areas. These small-sided games are a tremendous teaching tool as they can be adapted to suit the age and skill level of all players.


Coach Jeff Hopkins introduces his session

“Small-Sided Games are a great way to replicate game situations and are part of the vast majority of training sessions worldwide whether it is a pro team or youth team”

One of the most important components of a training session is the ‘small-sided game’. Whether it’s a local youth team, college team or a top professional team, they all use small-sided games to help their players make the transition from drills and exercises to real game situations. It’s this transition that translates skills and techniques from practice into your game on the weekend.

One of the best ways to train your team to retain possession better is by utilizing small-sided games that replicate game situations.  So if you want your team to possess the ball like the Dutch teams or even the tika-taka style of Barcelona you can simply set up certain small-sided games that will teach your players to do this.


Coach Jeff Hopkins explains the setup  of a small-sided game to the players

Everyone raves at how good Barcelona are when in possession.  They love their quick style “Tika-Taka” style of moving the ball around the field.  One of the reasons for Barcelona’s incredible success over the years has been that they have consistently had more possession than their opponents…sometimes as much as 65% or 70% or more.  And it’s not only Barcelona, just look at the stats from any pro game and you will see that apart from a few exceptions, the vast majority of teams that have more of the possession ends up winning the game.

In these six videos, coach Jeff Hopkins shows a progression of small-sided games that you can take with you to the training field and instantly start getting better results with your players doing a better job of keeping possession.  You can also adapt these small-sided games depending on the age and skill level of your players.  For instance, you can add neutral players, allow more or fewer touches or make the playing area smaller or larger.  So whatever level of team you have, these videos will get you going on the training field right away.

“Watch National  Champion coach, Jeff Hopkins  demonstrate a series of possession related small-sided games”

HopkinsJeff Hopkins – Head Coach of the Queensland Roar and the Australian U17 Women’s National Team. Hopkins was the national coach of the year in 2008 when he coached the Queensland Roar to the W League and Grand Final double. Prior to coaching, Hopkins played professionally for Fulham and Reading and played internationally for Wales.





Coach Jeff Hopkins makes a coaching point to the attending coaches

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Small-Sided Games for Possession shows you a progression of small-sided games, all designed to improve how your team is able to maintain possession of the ball.  Get started now and start dominating games!

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P.S. Small-Sided Games for Possession is a unique video series that enables you to watch a complete training session conducted by National Championship coach and former pro player, Jeff Hopkins. You get the entire session, from start to finish, that shows you how to organize, set up, and coach the small-sided games.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Small-Sided Games for Possession within six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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