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Developing Soccer Intelligence Through 7v7 Volume 2

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • A look at how to train with 7v7 for beginners, intermediate and advanced level players
  • How to get the best uses out of 7v7 training
  • How 7v7 training fits into the 11v11 game
  • Why 7v7 training can accelerate the development of young players 
  • 7v7 games to cover, how to penetrate, quick combination play, create angles and support and more
  • How to make your 7v7 exercises game realistic

7v7 games can be used for teaching young players who play in the 7v7 age groups, but they are also invaluable as part of training sessions for every level of players including elite players.

Developing Soccer Intelligence Through 7v7 Volume 2 is choc full of all kinds of 7v7 games that cover just about every single topic you need during a training session.

And this is not just another book full of 7v7 games.  The author, Philip Cauchi, shows how to utilize 7v7 games to develop soccer intelligence and awareness.  

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Developing Soccer Intelligence Through 7v7 Vol 2

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