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Developing Soccer Intelligence

Through 4v4

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Rondos to help develop positional awareness in the 4v4
  • How to get the best uses out of 4v4 training
  • How 4v4 training fits into the 11v11 game
  • Why 4v4 training can accelerate the development of young players 
  • Sessions where you train technique and tactics with the 4v4
  • How to make your 4v4 exercises game realistic

Most coaches can teach players techniques like passing, shooting and dribbling.  But when progressing to teaching tactics things can become a little harder.

Developing players with good technique AND the ability to understand the "game" does not come easy.  Teaching "Soccer Smarts" doesn't happen by chance.

Our guide, Developing Soccer Intelligence Through 4v4 shows you how you can use 4v4 exercises to help you develop players that understand the game and have "Soccer Smarts".  Check it out now.

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