Creating Chaos

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Packed full of training exercises, rondos and small-sided games designed to add organized chaos to your sessions.
  • Exercises that cover all topics like shooting, dealing with pressure, possession, defending, etc.
  • How to correctly add chaos to your sessions and why it's critical to get it right
  • Exercises to help your players adjust to various real game scenarios 
  • How chaos can help your players improve spatial awareness and visual scanning

Players often practice their techniques in types of drills and exercises.  However, during a game, they will need to execute at a moments notice in situations that are so incredibly varied that it can be difficult to accurately recreate, the angles, pressure, field position, mental state, opposition, etc.

Creating Chaos by Matt Carroll will help you truly prepare your players for real game situations by adding "Chaos" to your practice sessions.  Implementing chaos into your practice sessions can come in many forms and it can improve players in equally as many ways.

This guide is packed full of unique training exercises, rondos and small-sided games, all that are designed to add organized chaos to your training sessions and improve the ability of your players to handle real game situations.

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Creating Chaos

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