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40 Shooting and Finishing Exercises

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • What are the benefits of shooting exercises
  • What type of shooting exercises are best and when to use them
  • When and how to include pressure from an opponent
  • Shooting and finishing sequences
  • Shooting battle exercises
  • Shooting exercises from different distances

The main goal of this guide is to create "40 shooting and finishing exercises" that can be considered really effective and to propose practices where the players can reproduce all the finishing situations that may occur during a football match and moreover inside the same spaces where the most of the goals are scored from.

40 Shooting and Finishing Exercises is jam packed full of new and innovative shooting exercises that you can include in your training sessions right now and improve the goalscoring and finishing ability of your team and players.

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40 Shooting and Finishing Exercises

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