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40 Group and Tactical Defending Exercises

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Zonal defending or man marking?
  • How and when to press/counter-pressing
  • How and when to play the offside trap
  • Why your players need to understand their roles and that of their teammates
  • The importance of understanding how to react after a loss of possession
  • The tactics of Delay, Compactness, Retreat and Recovery, Team Pressure and Switching Positions

Once players are competent with individual defending skills, it's critical to the success of a team that the players are trained to understand their roles in the team/group defending tactics.

40 Group and Defending Tactical Exercises explains the important principles of team defending whether you play zonal defense or a man marking system.   This eBook then explains everything you need to know about how to deal with a change in possession, why it's important to keep your shape, when and how to press high and many other critical tactics that will help your team defend better.

A defender not only needs to know his/her role and responsibilities, but he/she needs to know the the responsibilities of other team members when defending too.  And this guide will help you train your players so they can defend as a unit.

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40 Group and Tactical Defending Exercises

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