31 Shooting Drills eBook

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31 Shooting Drills
Here’s just a small sample of what this 60-page eBook contains:
  • A 5v5 shooting drill that will get your players moving,
    playing hard and that does a good job of replicating game-like

  • A shooting drill inspired by the great Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

  • A fast paced knockout shooting game that will have your
    players begging to play and at the same time is competitive enough that
    your players will put in a good focused effort at practice.

  • A tactical shooting drill that is based on the 4-2-3-1 but flexible enough that it can even be used as part of a warm-up.

  • A shooting drill that combines passing, overlaps and wall passes. Great for more than just shooting.

  • If you play with just one forward, you will love this 3v3 drill that focuses on the lone striker.

  • A simple but very effective drill that focuses on the art of one-touch shooting.